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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas Man Found Guilty and Sentenced to Prison for Murder and Aggravated Assault

Devon Young, a resident of Dallas, has been found guilty and subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder and an additional 5 years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The verdict was handed down by the court on Tuesday after a thorough trial that delved into the events leading up to the tragic incident.

The case dates back to January 17, 2022, when a video captured Gerardo Pardo fleeing from the Vista Azul apartment complex in Dallas, Texas, around 6 pm. Pardo's escape was captured on surveillance footage, showcasing a scene scattered with fired cartridge cases. The Dallas Police Department later retrieved these cases and conducted forensic analysis, ruling out any connection to the firearm in Pardo's possession. One cartridge was conclusively matched to the weapon that Clifford Henry used to fatally shoot Gerardo Pardo.

Additional surveillance footage depicted Pardo seeking refuge at JSK Glass on Storey Lane. He spent approximately 6 minutes hiding there before approaching a truck with hazard lights, driven by Kenny Portillo, who was accompanied by another passenger. Pardo requested a ride to escape the area, but his plea was swiftly denied.

Within moments, another vehicle, driven by Devon Young and occupied by three other individuals, arrived at the scene. Clifford Henry, a passenger in Young's vehicle, rushed to the passenger side of Portillo's truck and opened fire on Pardo. Gunfire also erupted from the back passenger side of Young's car, injuring Kenny Portillo in the shoulder.

Both Portillo and Pardo were transported to Parkland Hospital, where Pardo tragically succumbed to his injuries. Clifford Henry, who was wounded in the neck during the shootout, was driven to UT Southwestern Medical Center by Young. Regrettably, Henry was pronounced dead upon arrival. The remaining occupants of Young's vehicle hastily fled the scene.

Following the incident, Young was apprehended nine days later in the same vehicle, with an exposed firearm within view. During his sentencing, Young admitted to prior felony convictions, including the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance and aggravated robbery. Notably, the latter offense was committed while Young was on felony probation.

Initially, the court intended to sentence Devon Young to 7 years of confinement in prison for both the murder and aggravated assault charges. However, the prosecution reminded the court of Young's stipulated prior convictions, which had been entered into evidence and endorsed by the judge. In light of this, the court revised the sentence to 15 years for murder and an additional 5 years for aggravated assault.

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