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Miracle of Care: Charlotte's Journey from Cleft Palate to a Healthy 5-Year-Old

Charlotte, a vivacious 5-year-old, has captured the hearts of many with her remarkable journey from the discovery of a cleft palate to undergoing open heart surgery, all thanks to the exceptional care provided by the experts at Children’s Health Specialty Center Waxahachie.


When Charlotte's parents, Alyssa, an occupational therapist at the center, and her husband, discovered that their daughter had a cleft palate at a young age, they knew they were in the right hands. The Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery team at the center stepped in, demonstrating their dedication and expertise by successfully completing Charlotte's palate repair when she was just 9 months old.

However, the family's journey was far from over. Shortly after Charlotte's cleft palate surgery, Alyssa and her husband received unexpected news – Charlotte had developed a heart murmur. Facing another medical challenge, they turned to the Heart Center at the same healthcare facility.

The experts in the Heart Center embarked on the journey to address Charlotte's heart condition. Charlotte was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect, a congenital heart condition that required open heart surgery for correction.

The medical team, equipped with cutting-edge technology and years of experience, successfully performed the complex open heart surgery.

Today, Charlotte is a thriving and happy 5-year-old, full of energy and dreams.

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