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Johnson County, Texas News

Sheriff Deputies Respond to Incident Involving Warrants, Overdose, and Drug Discovery in Johnson County Home

In a recent incident, Johnson County Sheriff Deputies, alongside CPL Wells, responded to an address in their jurisdiction with the objective of locating a female individual with an active warrant issued by the Pardon and Parole department, as well as an active warrant out of Johnson County related to the possession of a controlled substance.

Upon arrival, deputies successfully located the wanted female. However, their operation took an unexpected turn when they received information suggesting a male individual may be hiding inside the residence, potentially armed.

Responding swiftly, the deputies re-entered the premises and discovered the male subject in a state of overdose. Immediate medical intervention was required, with several rounds of Narcan administered to revive him.

In the course of their search, law enforcement officers also uncovered significant quantities of methamphetamine, along with numerous items that did not appear to belong to any of the individuals present.

The male subject, following medical clearance at a hospital, was subsequently transported to a correctional facility. The female subject was also transported to corrections. Authorities have been notified about the incident, with both the STOP unit and on-call Criminal Investigation Division (CID) taking notice of the situation.

The incident remains under investigation by law enforcement.

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