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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas County Man Guilty of Forgery in Attempted Bond Scheme

Patrick Philpot

In a recent court trial, 33-year-old Patrick Philpot was found guilty of forgery in connection with a fraudulent cashier's check. The investigation, led by the Dallas County Sheriff's Office, revealed Philpot's attempt to present a fake check for over 1 million dollars to bond out a friend who faced serious criminal charges.

The plan concocted by the defendant aimed to secure his friend's release on charges of murder, aggravated robbery, robbery, and attempting to disarm a police officer. Philpot presented the cashier's check, falsely claiming it originated from the "PacPhil Bank."

Before posting the bond, Patrick Philpot deceived Assistant District Attorney Loren Collins and Judge Brandon Birmingham. He falsely presented himself as a lawyer representing his friend and claimed to be a bail bondsman. Additionally, he attempted to bribe ADA Keena Miller in a desperate bid to have the charges against his friend dropped.

During the trial, Patrick Philpot admitted that the PacPhil Bank was not real and that he had printed the counterfeit check at an OfficeMax store.

As a result of the guilty verdict, the judge sentenced Patrick Philpot to 2 years in prison, with the sentence probated for 5 years.

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