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Lake Worth, Texas News

Lake Worth Police Arrest Retail Theft Duo; Child Found Unattended in Vehicle

Daycion Snider and Britanica Evans

In Lake Worth, a recent incident of organized retail theft ended in arrests after the Lake Worth Police Department  responded to a call regarding the unlawful activity. Two individuals, 20-year-old Britanica Evans and 18-year-old Daycion Snider, were apprehended after stealing over $3,000 worth of beauty products.

The events unfolded at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, October 3rd, when the Lake Worth Emergency Communications Center (ECC) received a report about the ongoing theft at a local business. Officers arrived at the scene, and with the assistance of an observant citizen, they located the suspects parked nearby.

Both Evans and Snider were taken into custody on charges of theft. Snider, who initially provided false information to the officers regarding his identity, was subsequently found to have a parole warrant against him.

Regrettably, during the apprehension, law enforcement also discovered a 2-year-old child inside the vehicle, left unattended while Evans and Snider carried out the theft. The child's grandmother was contacted to take custody of the child. However, upon her arrival, officers found that another passenger in her vehicle had an outstanding statewide warrant for theft. The passenger, identified as 40-year-old Calandra Grey, was subsequently arrested for the outstanding theft warrant.

The Lake Worth Police Department expressed gratitude towards the vigilant citizen who played a crucial role in helping locate the suspect vehicle, as well as the business employees who provided detailed descriptions of the suspects, aiding in their capture. The department emphasized their commitment to combating organized retail theft, standing in solidarity with their retail partners, and working collectively to address this nationwide issue.

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