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Denton, Texas News

Denton Police Department Celebrates Milestone with Newly Licensed Latent Print Examiner

In a significant achievement for the Denton Police Department (DPD), Forensic Analyst Erin Gonzales has officially become the 10th licensed Latent Print Examiner in the State of Texas. Erin's dedication and hard work in her field have elevated Denton PD to join an exclusive group of just four agencies in the state with licensed latent print professionals.

As a Latent Print Examiner, Erin Gonzales plays a crucial role in criminal investigations. Her primary responsibilities include searching for fingerprints and palm prints at crime scenes, analyzing them, and comparing them to entries in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) database. This meticulous process contributes valuable forensic evidence to aid in solving cases.

The duties of a latent print examiner involve visiting crime scenes to locate potential prints, capturing detailed photographs or carefully extracting fingerprints for documentation purposes. Following the collection, Erin meticulously analyzes the gathered evidence, collaborating closely with the broader investigative team. This team includes forensic scientists, police officers, detectives, and attorneys, all working in tandem to compile comprehensive reports that expedite the investigative process.

Erin Gonzales's achievement not only highlights her personal dedication to her profession but also positions Denton PD as a leader in forensic capabilities within the state. The department's commitment to enhancing its expertise is a testament to its ongoing efforts to ensure justice and the safety of the Denton community.

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