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Fort Worth, Texas News

Demolition Begins on Eyesore Vickery Motel Near Lake Como in Fort Worth to Make Way for Modern Flex Office Project

Vickery Motel demolition

The Vickery Motel, a long-standing neighborhood eyesore and homeless haven near Lake Como in Fort Worth, is now undergoing demolition to pave the way for a new modern flex office project, currently in the pre-leasing phase.

This marks a significant development as it represents the first commercial new-build for the Como neighborhood in decades. Local authorities express optimism about the positive impact on the community. The location, notorious for attracting drug users and transients, will be transformed into a contemporary workspace.

Originally built in 1954 and known as Como Courts, the motel played a role in providing accommodation for African-American travelers during the era of segregation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Despite efforts from some residents to obtain a local designation as a Historic and Cultural Landmark, Fort Worth's Historic Preservation determined that the property did not meet the seven criteria necessary for such recognition.

The criteria include considerations for location, design, setting, material, workmanship, feeling, and association. In this case, the loss of historic material and advanced deterioration of the building prevented it from retaining the integrity required to convey its significance to the area.

As the demolition progresses, the community looks forward to the positive transformation that the new flex office project will bring to the Como neighborhood.

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