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Travis Middle School Theater Students Bring Joy to Nursing Home Residents With a Performance

Travis MS Theater Students Perform For Nursing Home Residents

Travis Middle School theater students brought their talents to The Villages on MacArthur last month, bringing joy to the residents with a lively performance of The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza. The students, under the guidance of their teacher Season Mhoon, transported costumes, set pieces, and more to put on the show after three months of rehearsals.

Residents at The Villages on MacArthur appreciated the break from routine. Cathy Parker, a resident, expressed her admiration for the students, noting their talent and discipline. She emphasized how the performance provided a refreshing change of pace.

The play featured students seamlessly switching outfits to portray various characters, captivating the audience. Eighth-grader Connor Jackson, who played the roles of Hercules and Cronos, shared his enthusiasm, describing the experience as touching and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to perform for the residents.

Rory Aitken, an eighth-grader who played Narrator 2, highlighted the ease of performing alongside her best friend, Narrator 1. Their chemistry made the challenging moments of the show feel natural.

Both Jackson and Aitken aspire to continue their journey in theater as they enter high school. The residents at The Villages on MacArthur, including Cathy Parker, praised the students, wishing them success and recognition in their future endeavors.

As Parker put it, "They are wonderful. The more they can get notoriety, the more it will broaden their avenues to go to different places. Shoot for the moon!"

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