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Wise County, Texas News

Missing Person Found in Wise County After GPS Mishap Leads to Wrong Direction

A concerned citizen's report of an abandoned vehicle on a northbound 287 on-ramp in Wise County prompted action from a local sheriff's deputy. Upon arrival, the deputy found a small blue car with Florida license plates, and to his surprise, a woman seated in the driver's seat.

The driver, who was on her way from Florida to Georgetown, Texas, explained that her car had broken down. However, the deputy quickly noted that she was headed in the wrong direction to reach Georgetown. Despite his attempts to guide her using GPS, the driver insisted that going North toward Wichita Falls was the correct route.

As the conversation turned to the mechanical issues with her car, they couldn't pinpoint the problem immediately. Consequently, the deputy called for a wrecker to tow the vehicle for repairs.

Further investigation revealed that the motorist was a missing person. Her family was notified, learning that she was mentally confused but physically well. Subsequently, she was transported to a local hotel and reunited with her family.

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