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March Marks Severe Weather Preparedness Month in Irving

With the approach of severe storm season, the Irving community is advised to focus on preparedness activities for potential natural disasters that may affect the area. Located in a region susceptible to various hazards such as severe storms, flash flooding, strong winds, drought, and tornadoes, it's crucial for residents to stay informed and be ready for emergencies.

Severe Storms: Seeking Shelter and Safety Measures

Severe storms in the area can bring about large hail, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and potentially tornadoes. In the event of such storms, individuals are advised to seek shelter indoors in a stable structure and remain there until the threat has passed.

Flash Flooding: Evacuation and Safety Protocols

Flash flooding is another concern, and residents are urged to vacate flood-prone areas and move to higher ground if flooding occurs. It's emphasized that even two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles, including SUVs and pickup trucks. In case of excessive water on roadways, the advice is simple: turn around, don’t drown.

Lightning Safety: Prevention and Protection

Lightning, a common occurrence during thunderstorms, poses a significant risk. Most lightning-related deaths are preventable, with an average of six fatalities reported annually in Texas alone. To stay safe, it's recommended to seek indoor shelter during lightning storms. For those caught outside, staying away from metal objects, finding shelter in a ditch or a sturdy structure, and avoiding open water and tall trees are crucial precautions.

Tornadoes and Strong Winds: Mitigating Risks

The threat of tornadoes and strong winds also looms during severe storms, potentially causing damage to properties and endangering lives. To minimize risks, residents are advised to trim trees, secure outdoor items, such as furniture and play equipment, and ensure all windows and doors are closed and secured during storms. In case one finds themselves in a vehicle during severe weather, experts advise against stopping under underpasses but instead seeking shelter indoors at the nearest building.

Learn More

A new Emergency Preparedness booklet is available online to assist residents in preparing for potential disasters in North Texas. Download the booklet at

For more information about emergency management, visit or call (972) 721-2100. Additional resources may be found at and

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