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City of Irving Offers New Incentives to Attract Top Talent

In an effort to draw in the best and brightest individuals to serve the City of Irving, new incentives have been announced for full-time employees. Starting immediately, eligible new hires could earn an additional $3,000, with even more offered for mission-critical positions, provided they are hired by July 31. These incentive payments will be granted as long as there are no attendance or disciplinary issues.

For regular full-time positions, eligible new employees will receive $1,000 after the first 30 days, another $1,000 after six months, and a final $1,000 after completing one year of service.

Mission-critical positions, essential for the city's functioning, include roles in Animal Services, Fleet, Fire Department, Information Technology, Parks and Recreation, Police Department, and Water Utilities. Those hired for these critical positions will receive a slightly different incentive structure, with $1,666 after 30 days, $1,667 after six months, and $1,667 after a year.

Police officers, a vital part of ensuring public safety, have their own incentive plan. Eligible new officers will receive $2,666 after the first 30 days, an additional $2,667 after the orientation period, and another $2,667 after completing two years of service.

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