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Dallas, Texas News

Man Guilty of Aggravated Assault in Harry Hines Parking Lots Gets Probation

In a recent case prosecuted by the Dallas County Criminal District Attorney's Office, the defendant, Moteiff Collins, was found guilty of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The trial, which concluded with a verdict handed down by Judge Abby Parmelly, saw Collins facing charges for his actions in a parking lot off Harry Hines.

The case was prosecuted with Second Chair Yael Zbolon, investigated by DA Investigator Ric Bruner, and supported by DA Legal Assistant Daisy Hernandez, with the investigating agency being the Dallas Police Department.

The incident occurred when the defendant, Collins, proclaimed himself the "Lord of the Parking Lot" of a bar in the area. The victim, Jose Pena, was merely attempting to find his way and pull up his GPS to navigate when he unintentionally crossed paths with Collins. Pena, a native Spanish speaker, found himself subjected to a barrage of profanities from the defendant. In an effort to explain his situation, Pena rolled down his window to communicate his intentions. This simple act led to an unprovoked assault, as Collins approached and punched Pena in the face. Pena, trying to call for help, was shocked when Collins revealed a concealed firearm, which he used to pistol-whip the victim. Pena eventually fled the scene and called 911, leading to police involvement.

Unbeknownst to Pena, just minutes prior, another individual, Paris Jones, had a similar violent encounter with Collins in the same parking lot. Jones had pulled into the lot to park briefly while visiting an adjacent business when Collins initially allowed him to park but then suddenly changed his mind. Confused by the abrupt shift in attitude and authority, Jones was stunned when Collins raised his shirt and pointed a gun directly at him, ordering him to leave the parking lot. Jones promptly exited and called 911 from a safer location.

Collins, following his conviction, was sentenced to 2 years of probation by Judge Abby Parmelly for his assault-related charges.

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