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Irving-based 7-Eleven Faces Lawsuit Over Rape Allegations

Juan Francisco Briones

Irving-based convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, is under legal scrutiny as two women have filed a lawsuit accusing an employee of rape. The lawsuit, initiated by Irma Moreno on January 4, 2024, has gained traction with a second woman joining in this week. The legal action aims to terminate a Stripes employee, owned by 7-Eleven, allegedly involved in the assault.

The lawsuit centers on Juan Francisco Briones, a Stripes employee, who is accused of raping Moreno at the Stripes convenience store located on the corner of Ware Road and Dove Avenue in McAllen, Texas, on November 23, 2023. Recently, Zaya Zavala, another Stripes employee, has stepped forward, alleging mistreatment after reporting Briones' misconduct to her manager in September 2022. According to attorney Israel G. Perez III, Zavala faced ridicule and punishment, leading to her relocation to another Stripes location. She refrained from reporting the incident to the police due to feeling intimidated.

Hidalgo County Jail records confirm Briones' arrest on a sexual assault charge on the same day as Moreno's alleged assault. Briones was released on a $50,000 bond three days later.

In response to the lawsuit, documents filed on February 7th by 7-Eleven, Inc. argue against terminating Briones, citing his presumption of innocence until proven guilty under Texas state law, federal law, and common law.

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