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NCTCOG Initiates Transit Needs Study for Fort Worth's 76104 ZIP Code

Residents of Fort Worth's 76104 ZIP code are being given the opportunity to shape the future of transit in their community as the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) launches a transit needs study. The study aims to identify innovative solutions that will enhance access to essential services such as employment and healthcare for residents in this part of the city.

Scheduled for March 25th at 5:45 p.m., a public meeting will be held at the Ella Mae Shamblee Library to discuss the project and gather feedback from residents. Transportation planners are keen on understanding the unique needs of the community to devise effective transit strategies.

The 76104 transit study will evaluate public transportation requirements with a focus on increasing mobility and access to necessities like food, healthcare, housing, and employment. This area of Fort Worth has been identified as a zone of persistent poverty, with low access to vital resources. Additionally, efforts will be made to address environmental concerns by identifying ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transit.

Made possible through a $270,000 grant from the Areas of Persistent Poverty program, the project aims to assess current transit services in the 76104 ZIP code and explore potential enhancements to better meet demand. The study will also examine transit fares and their impact on equitable access to transportation services.

Collaborating with residents, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders, NCTCOG seeks to establish consensus and develop a comprehensive plan to improve access to basic needs within the community. Presently, the area is served by Trinity Metro's fixed-route bus service and on-demand ZIP Zone micro transit.

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