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Arlington, Texas News

Arlington Police Drop Citation Against Man with Puerto Rico Driver's License

In a recent incident, the Arlington Police Department has dropped a citation against a man with a valid Puerto Rico driver's license after an officer erroneously cited him for not having a valid driver's license. The incident occurred on June 30 when the man, identified as Luis Alvelo, stopped to drop off passengers in a prohibited zone at Globe Life Stadium, according to the police.

During the routine stop, Alvelo presented the officer with a valid Puerto Rico driver's license as identification. However, the officer questioned the license's validity, despite Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory where driver's licenses issued are recognized across the United States. Consequently, Alvelo was issued citations for improper parking, improper window tints, and driving without a license, despite having a valid Puerto Rico driver's license.

Following the incident, the Arlington Police Department acknowledged their error and admitted that the officer should not have cited Alvelo for driving without a license. As a result, they have dropped the unlicensed driver citation against him. However, Alvelo is still facing the remaining citations for improper parking and improper window tints.

This incident has raised concerns about the awareness and knowledge of officers regarding the validity of driver's licenses from U.S. territories. The situation highlights the need for further education and training for law enforcement personnel to ensure they are well-informed about driver's license recognition from all U.S. territories.

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