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Shocking Video: Good Samaritan Apprehends Drunk Suspect After Fatal Car Crash in Euless

A heart-wrenching tragedy that struck on Thanksgiving Day in 2021 resurfaces as a good Samaritan's courageous actions take center stage. Inside Edition has released a compelling story video showcasing the heroic efforts of a bystander who ran after and apprehended a drunk driver attempting to flee the scene of a deadly crash that claimed the life of Detective Alejandro "Alex" Cervantes, Jr. The drunk driver, identified as Dylan Molina, was recently sentenced to 15 years in state prison after pleading guilty to his role in the fatal crash.

The fateful incident occurred when Molina ran a red light and crashed into Detective Cervantes' car, resulting in the officer's untimely death. Immediately following the crash, Molina's blood alcohol level was found to be .16, which is twice the legal limit.

In January 2023, Molina, 27, received his sentencing, leaving the widow of Detective Cervantes, Priscilla Cervantes, grappling with grief and seeking justice. Recently, Mrs. Cervantes filed a lawsuit alleging that several parties bear responsibility for her husband's tragic death, including Fuzzy's Tacos and General Motors.

According to court records, prior to the crash, Molina had been drinking at a Fuzzy's Taco Shop located just a half-mile away from the accident site. The lawsuit specifically names Fuzzy's Tacos, the bartender Cala Richardson, and General Motors as defendants.

It is alleged that Cala Richardson, 26, was the bartender at the Lake Worth restaurant where Dylan Molina informed police he had been drinking on the day of the incident. He reportedly consumed eight double shot Red Bull and vodka cocktails before getting behind the wheel.

Priscilla Cervantes seeks damages of at least $1 million in the lawsuit, claiming that the defendants' actions and negligence played a significant role in her husband's tragic death.

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