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Waco, Texas News

Man Already in Custody for Waco Bank Robberies Faces Additional Aggravated Robbery Charge

John Rainwater, a 42-year-old individual currently in custody for two bank robberies in Waco, has been slapped with an additional charge of Aggravated Robbery in connection to the Boozer’s Jewelry store incident that occurred on June 17, 2023.

The investigation into the Boozer's Jewelry store robbery began after two suspects entered the establishment and carried out a gunpoint robbery. The Waco Police Department's Special Crimes Detectives took charge of the case and managed to single out John Rainwater as a suspect. The decision was based on Rainwater's resemblance to the perpetrator and his consistent modus operandi in carrying out each of the robberies.

In the course of the ongoing investigation, a significant lead emerged when Rainwater was initially apprehended on two Federal Warrants in July. Among his belongings, law enforcement officials discovered a Rolex watch that was subsequently confirmed to be one of the items stolen from Boozer’s Jewelry store during the robbery.

The investigation, however, did not halt with Rainwater's apprehension. Authorities arrested two other individuals believed to be involved in the jewelry store robbery. Tontanisha Freeman was taken into custody on August 4th in Austin, facing charges of theft by possession after attempting to pawn jewelry believed to be part of the stolen goods. Similarly, Lawanda Joiner was arrested in Waco on the same day for theft by possession, suspected of delivering the stolen jewelry to Freeman.

This investigation is still ongoing.

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