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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas Police Needs Help in Cold Case: The 2000 Murder of Jerrold Miertschin

Victim: Jerrold Miertschin

The Dallas Police Department has announced a renewed effort to investigate the unsolved murder of 39-year-old Jerrold Miertschin, whose death occurred over two decades ago in 2000.

Mr. Miertschin's life was cut short on October 21, 2000, when his lifeless body was discovered in his garage, located in the 5200 block of Reiger Street. Responding to a fire at the location, Dallas Fire Rescue made the grim discovery of Mr. Miertschin's burned remains. Initially believed to be an accidental death caused by the fire, subsequent investigations by the medical examiner revealed a shocking truth – Jerrold Miertschin had been murdered. The autopsy results definitively stated that his cause of death was a gunshot wound.

Despite initial setbacks and the passage of time, the Dallas Police Department remains committed to bringing justice to Mr. Miertschin and his family. The case has been featured in the department's "Cold Case Tuesday" initiative, which seeks to highlight and reinvigorate investigations into unsolved cases from the past.

According to reports, Jerrold Miertschin was last seen alive by his family members on the evening prior to his tragic death.

If anyone has any information regarding the death of Jerrold Miertschin, please contact Sergeant Jerry Girdler at 214-671-3661 or by email at

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