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Waco, Texas News

Prostitution Sting Operation Leads to 19 Arrests and Seizure of Drugs, Firearms, and Cash in Waco

In a concerted effort to combat Solicitation of Prostitution and Solicitation of Prostitution - Minor in the city of Waco, law enforcement agencies joined forces to execute a three-day operation, culminating in 19 arrests and the confiscation of drugs, firearms, and a significant sum of U.S. currency.

The operation, which spanned from August 28, 2023, to August 30, 2023, was a collaborative initiative involving the Waco Police Street Crimes Unit, Career Criminal Apprehension & Supervision Team, and the Waco PD Drug Enforcement Unit. Their combined efforts aimed to apprehend individuals involved in these illegal activities.

The successful operation yielded a total of 19 arrests. The individuals taken into custody during the operation were identified as:

  1. Kevin Tubbs
  2. Manuel Luna
  3. Angel Martinez
  4. Phillip Corujo
  5. Antonial Butler
  6. Larry Maxwell
  7. Elroy Cross
  8. Kelly Brown
  9. Saul Rosales
  10. Elisco Vasquez
  11. David Gonzales
  12. Hayden Blevins
  13. Johan Vasquez
  14. James Reneau
  15. Gregory Potter
  16. Christopher Madrigal
  17. Larry Ashby
  18. Faustino Guadrrama
  19. Javier Bautista

In addition to the arrests, law enforcement agencies seized $1,899.85 of U.S. currency, 19 cellphones, 3.8 grams of marijuana, 0.5 grams of cocaine, and four firearms during the operation.

The successful outcome of this operation underscores the effective coordination, motivation, and dedication exhibited by each officer involved. The collaborative efforts have undoubtedly made a positive impact on curbing illegal activities related to prostitution in the City of Waco.

The operation's success was made possible through a productive partnership between the Waco Police Department Street Crimes Unit, Career Criminal Apprehension & Supervision Team, Traffic Unit, Waco Police Department Staffers, and Waco Police Department Polygrapher. It also involved cooperation with the Texas Department of Public Safety, McLennan County Sheriff's Office, and the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

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