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McKinney, Texas News

Dallas Man Sentenced to 75 Years for Fatal Home Invasion in McKinney

Prince Haymer

Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis has announced the sentencing of 21-year-old Prince Haymer, a resident of Dallas, to 75 years in prison following a guilty verdict for Murder. This decision comes after Haymer was found to be the mastermind behind a harrowing aggravated robbery that culminated in a tragic murder. Willis expressed that this sentence marks the initial step in ensuring accountability for all involved.

The incident in question occurred on April 11, 2022, when McKinney Police Department Officer Kyle Wilkerson responded to a shooting report at a residence in McKinney. Upon his arrival, Officer Wilkerson discovered Rayshawn Williams, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his legs. At the scene, officers also found several casings from two different firearms, an AR-15 rifle, and an iPhone scattered on the ground near Williams.

Inside the residence, officers encountered Williams' mother-in-law, who provided a chilling account of the events. She revealed that Williams had received a phone call and subsequently went into the garage. Moments later, she heard shouting, and a masked assailant entered the kitchen, where she was caring for her 18-month-old granddaughter. This armed intruder demanded money and her phone before swiftly retreating outside. Shortly thereafter, gunshots rang out, prompting the terrified grandmother to seek refuge in the bathtub with her granddaughter.

Detective Steven Robinson arrived at the scene and uncovered crucial evidence from a Ring surveillance camera, which had captured the entire incident. The footage depicted a gray hatchback Lexus pulling into the alleyway, from which four masked individuals armed with firearms emerged. They cornered Williams and forcibly entered the house, demanding money. During a struggle that took place off-camera, shots were fired, and Williams managed to seize one of the assailants' rifles and return fire. Three of the suspects fled on foot, while the driver, later identified as Haymer, fired three shots at Williams before fleeing the scene in his vehicle.

Detective Robinson traced the last phone call received by Williams before the shooting, leading investigators to Dallas. The subsequent apprehension of Prince Haymer in the gray Lexus hatchback, along with the phone that had called Williams, played a pivotal role in the investigation. Text messages and phone call records on Haymer's device further aided detectives in identifying the remaining four suspects. Tragically, Williams succumbed to his injuries in the hospital 15 days after the incident.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty for murder, and during the sentencing phase, prosecutors presented a cell phone video recorded on the night of the murder. In the video, Haymer is seen making a rap video while brandishing one of the firearms used in the crime. Judge John Roach, Jr., who presided over the case, subsequently sentenced Haymer to 75 years in prison.

Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Ashlyn Scott and Luke Calhoun led the prosecution, with valuable support from District Attorney Investigator Laurie Gibbs.

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