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Arlington, Texas News

Arlington Police Officer's Heartwarming Surprise for Student at Ditto Elementary

School Resource Officer (SRO) Tee has a heart of gold. To him, every child he encounters in the hallways, classrooms, and playgrounds of the local school is one of his "babies." It doesn't matter if they are his own flesh and blood or complete strangers; if they are kids, they are his responsibility and his joy.

Brayden, a student at Ditto Elementary in Arlington, has developed a special bond with SRO Tee.  

Brayden's mom, a long time acquaintance of Tee's family, shared his school work, where Brayden wrote his "budy" is a cop. He was referring to SRO Tee, of course. Brayden had invited SRO Tee to his birthday party but he couldn't go.

Next best thing? To show up at Ditto Elementary and surprise Brayden!

Reflecting on this touching encounter, it's impossible not to express heartfelt gratitude to SRO Tee and all the SROs out there for their unwavering commitment to looking after all those "babies" while they are at school.

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