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Ferris, Texas News

City of Ferris Unveils Free Public WiFi Service for Residents

The City of Ferris is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative aimed at enhancing the lives of its citizens. On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, the city unveiled "Ferris-PublicWiFi," a cutting-edge public WiFi service that is now accessible to all residents and visitors. This innovative project is set to provide seamless connectivity in the heart of Ferris, reflecting the city's commitment to technological advancement and community welfare.

"Ferris-PublicWiFi" is now available as a complimentary service for everyone frequenting city-owned parks and the downtown area. With this dynamic addition to the city's infrastructure, residents and guests can now enjoy fast and reliable internet access while enjoying the surroundings of Ferris. Whether you're connecting with friends at the park, conducting business, or simply exploring the city, this free public WiFi service aims to cater to all your connectivity needs.

Mr. Chuck Allsup, the City of Ferris's Chief Technology Officer, spearheaded this ambitious project, ensuring its execution and cost-effectiveness. Under his guidance, the city's vision of providing accessible and reliable WiFi to its citizens has become a reality. "This project represents the intersection of technology and community well-being," said Chuck Allsup. "Our goal is to make the City of Ferris a more connected and digitally inclusive place for all."

City Manager, Brooks Williams, highlighted how “Ferris-PublicWiFi” aligns with the city’s strategic plan “27x27.” “Our strategic plan ‘27x27’ envisions a future where Ferris becomes a beacon of progress, distinction, and innovation,” said Mr. Williams. “This public WiFi service is a testament to our commitment to deliver on those promises. It empowers our citizens, fosters economic growth, and enhances our status as a forward-thinking community.”

It is important to note that while "Ferris-PublicWiFi" offers an incredible opportunity for connectivity, it does not come with security provisions or expectations. Users are encouraged to exercise caution and responsibility when using the service. Any misuse of this service for purposes that may cause harm to individuals, groups, or organizations will be dealt with accordingly, and legal action may be pursued.

In order to provide the best possible experience and address any concerns, City personnel have established an efficient feedback channel. Users are encouraged to report any issues or concerns through the City of Ferris app, which is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. This ensures that the City of Ferris remains proactive in addressing any technical difficulties or security concerns, ensuring a safe and enjoyable WiFi experience for all.

The City of Ferris is thrilled to provide this valuable resource to its citizens and visitors, further enhancing the quality of life in our community. "Ferris-PublicWiFi" represents a significant step forward in our journey towards a more connected, digitally empowered, and inclusive future.

About the City of Ferris: The City of Ferris is a city located in both Dallas and Ellis County. It is located along I-45. A rapidly growing community, Ferris is 20 miles south of downtown with a total of 4.8 square miles.

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