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Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips: Keeping Halloween Fun and Secure

As Halloween approaches, local authorities in Irving are urging residents to prioritize safety during the popular tradition of trick-or-treating. While the excitement of costumes and candy fills the air, it's essential to remember these safety tips to ensure a spooktacular night for all:

1. Keep Costumes Both Creative and Safe

Before heading out for trick-or-treating, remember to:

  • Decorate costumes and treat bags with reflective tape or stickers.
  • Opt for light-colored costumes to increase visibility.
  • Choose face paint or makeup instead of masks, as masks may obstruct a child's vision.
  • Carry glow sticks or flashlights to help children see and be seen by drivers.
  • Ensure costumes fit properly and shoes are comfortable to prevent trips and falls.

2. Trick-or-Treat with an Adult

Children aged 12 years and younger should always be accompanied by an adult during their Halloween adventures. Planning the route in advance can help make the night smoother and safer. Stick to well-known paths to avoid getting lost.

3. Walk Safely

When it's time to cross the street:

  • Use designated crosswalks, traffic signals, and corners.
  • Always look left, right, and left again before crossing.
  • Put down electronic devices, keep your head up, and walk (not run) when crossing the street.
  • Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing.
  • Walk on sidewalks or paths when available. If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side, facing traffic.
  • Watch out for cars that may be turning or backing up.

4. Drive Safely

If you're driving during Halloween festivities:

  • Slow down and stay alert when driving through residential neighborhoods.
  • Be especially cautious during the peak trick-or-treating hours, which typically run from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.

These safety tips, while simple, can go a long way in ensuring a Halloween filled with fun and free from any unfortunate incidents.

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