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Plano, Texas News

Plano Police Apprehends Burglary Ring Targeting Asian-American Residents

On Sunday, November 5th, Plano Police Department's Burglary Detectives, Vehicle Crimes Detectives, and Patrol successfully apprehended a group of burglars believed to be responsible for a string of burglaries targeting Asian-American residents in Plano, Frisco, and other areas of the Metroplex.

Detectives had noticed a pattern emerging in late October, where the criminal ring would pose as service or delivery persons, knocking on the doors of homes during mid-day. If it appeared that nobody was home, the suspects would remove the electric meter from the residence, and subsequently, forcibly enter the property to commit burglaries.

Suspects arrested

Following a period of surveillance, detectives observed the suspects in the act on Sunday. In this instance, three residents were inside the home napping when the burglars broke in. Startled, the residents quickly called 9-1-1, prompting the suspects to flee in two separate vehicles.

Detectives and patrol units moved to intercept the suspects. One vehicle was stopped in the vicinity of the offense near Nash Ln and Rochelle Dr, while the other continued north before being halted in the 9700 block of Coit Rd.

During the pursuit, one of the suspects attempted to evade officers on foot. Field Training Officer J. Privett and Recruit I. Austin gave chase, with Officer Privett providing vital radio updates to guide other officers and detectives in blocking escape routes. The coordinated effort ultimately led to Recruit Austin catching up to and apprehending the fleeing suspect.

With this successful operation, a total of five suspects have been arrested and are presently in custody at the Collin County Jail.

The Plano Police Department commended the exceptional teamwork displayed by officers and detectives in resolving the case, highlighting the importance of community vigilance. As a safety note, residents are advised to exercise caution when encountering unscheduled visitors. If anyone suspicious approaches your home, calling out to them and communicating through the door is recommended, as burglars often retreat when they realize residents are present. Moreover, if residents notice unfamiliar individuals at their neighbors' homes, reaching out to confirm whether they were expecting visitors can contribute to community safety.

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