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Dallas, Texas News

City of Dallas Recognized as Finalist in 2024 IDC Smart Cities North America Awards

The City of Dallas has once again been acknowledged for its dedication to digital innovation and civic engagement, as it emerges as a finalist in the 2024 IDC Smart Cities North America Awards. The recognition comes in the Civic Engagement category for the City's efforts in leveraging data products to enhance citizen involvement.

IDC Government Insights, the organization behind the awards, defines "Smart Cities" as municipalities actively utilizing emerging technologies and innovative strategies to enhance livability, provide new services, and foster economic opportunities within urban landscapes.

Among 36 finalists, including Dallas County, the City of Dallas stands out for its commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of its residents. The public is encouraged to participate in the recognition process by voting for their favorite finalists.

Dr. Brita Andercheck, Chief Data Officer and Director of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for the City of Dallas, expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment, stating, "Being named a finalist in the IDC Smart Cities Awards reaffirms what we already know: that the City of Dallas is a national leader in data analytics and committed to digital and civic engagement, ensuring that important information is available to all residents."

The City's digital engagement initiatives aim to make data readily accessible to residents in multiple languages, thereby enhancing civic participation. These initiatives include:

  • The 311 Service Request Dashboard: Allows residents to track their service requests and receive daily updates on city services.
  • The City Manager Goals Dashboard: Provides insights into the City's progress on major strategic goals and priorities, offered in both English and Spanish to promote equity.
  • The Domestic Violence Dashboard: An interactive tool aimed at increasing public awareness about domestic violence, showcasing collaborative efforts by the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, and various non-profit agencies and shelters dedicated to assisting survivors and their families.
  • The Dallas Fire-Rescue Dashboard: Enables residents to monitor response times to various emergency calls across the city, promoting transparency in the City's emergency operations.

Residents are encouraged to vote for the City of Dallas in the 2024 IDC Smart Cities North America Awards to show their support for these impactful initiatives.

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